I took a step back…

I took a picture in front of a Red Telephone Booth.
I minded the gap.
I’ve had lots of fish and a lot of chips.
I took the Nimbus 3000 for a spin at The Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studios.
I saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.
I watched street performers in Trafalgar Square.
I embraced the late summer sun walking across the Tower Bridge.
I saw the entire city from the London Monument.
I heard Big Ben signal half past the hour.
I popped my Cheeky Nando’s cherry.
I learned that rugby is far more interesting than football.
I found my dream house in Kensington.
I saw roses of every color in the Queen’s Garden in Regents Park.
I found the best vintage sweater on Brick Lane.
But I didn’t actually end up at Old Spitafield’s Market until my third attempt.
I admired St. Paul’s Cathedral, but only from the outside cuz £16 is far too much for entry.
I got in a fight with a Southern train worker…but only got ripped off once.
I drank Pimm’s on the beach in Brighton.
I had a champagne picnic in Hyde Park.
I discovered that Bleecker St. Burgers put Shake Shack to shame.
I fell in love with the pastel flats on Portobello Road.
I was overwhelmed by Camden Market.
I went back to the 90’s in the Cereal Killer Café.
I found out that I may Love Wednesday’s but not more than Thursday’s.
I saw my favorite play in the West End.
I stood at 0° Longitude, on the Prime Meridian.
I had a free lunch at Borough Market, by mooching samples.
I realized the London Bridge is the least relevant one on the Southbank of the Thames.
I made it across the wibbly wobbly (Millenium) Bridge on a very windy day.
I’ve now seen the city from the London Eye during the day and at night.
I watched fireworks on Bonfire Day.
I saw the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum.
But I missed the Magna Carta at the British Library.
I drank the water at the Roman baths in Bath.
I appreciated Andy Warhol at the Tate Modern.
But I appreciated everything at the Saatchi Gallery.
I got lost on all 7 floors at Harrod’s.
I was unimpressed with Stonehenge.
I discovered Cadbury is better than Hershey.
I finally looked right and then left when crossing the road, by instinct.
I managed to not get hit by a double decker bus but came too close too many times to count.
I had high tea in the afternoon.
I went ice-skating at Somerset House.
I Christmas shopped in Covent Garden.
I devoured pizza at Homeslice.
I saw art and culture at the Victoria and Albert.
I admit I found the Natural History Museum a snore.
I visited the home of England Rugby.
I craved oreos with peanut butter after visiting 23 Egerton Road.
I drank cider at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.
I went to the Christmas Party on Carnaby Street.
I spent a rainy Saturday at Broadway Market.

I kissed the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle.
I danced to Galway Girl at a pub in Galway.
I drank a Guinness at St. James Gate in Dublin.
I ate a foot long hot dog at Oktoberfest, but I don’t remember because I had one too many steins.
I climbed Arthur’s Gate in Edinburgh after enjoying a hot chocolate at The Elephant Cafe.
I searched for Nessie at Loch Ness.
I paraglided in Switzerland.
I am going back to sky dive.
I bathed at the thermal baths in Budapest.
I ate breakfast at a coffee shop outside of St. Stephen’s Church in Vienna.
I left my mark on the John Lennon Wall in Prague.
I walked along the East Side Gallery in the Birkenstocks I bought in Berlin.
I conquered rush hour in the bike lane in Amsterdam.
I ate waffles AND frites in Belgium.
I drank wine in the Chianti region of Tuscany.
I went on a gondola ride through the Venice canals.
I made a wish at the Trevi Fountain.
I’ll let you know if it comes true.
I watched the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo in Firenze.

I went over my data every single month.
But I accessed geotags in every city. ^
I am disgusted by my reliance on wifi.
I finished 10 books.
I forgot how much I love to read for fun.
I made new friends from Wisconsin, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Australia, Germany, and of course England.
I referred to professors by their first names.
I felt so awkward every time I did it.
I cried about being homesick more than I expected too.
I changed so much, but nothing at Catholic did.
I encountered very few churches more beautiful than the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.
I cried about the exchange rate more than I needed too.
I am pretty broke.
I ate crappy cafeteria food far too often.
I only gave into my Chipotle cravings twice.
I drank my body weight in cappuccinos this semester.
I really miss my Keurig.
I spent far too much time looking for normal pretzels in grocery stores.
I discovered that Waitrose always has them, 3 months too late.
I haven’t had Jif peanut butter in 4 months.
I am really going to miss Desperado’s.
I learned that the ones who post the most Instagram’s are having the best times.
I learned how to sleep on just about any train, bus, or plane.
I now go by military time.
I am happy to say that British people are the friendliest ones that I encountered.
I could live here one day in a heart beat.
I didn’t send nearly as many postcards as I thought I would.
I think I did an okay job staying in touch with my friends at home.
I miss them a lot.
I always chose to eat my calories rather than drink them.
I regret nothing.
I have just scratched the surface of all the places I want to travel to.
I wish I could say it’s possible to see everything you want too, but there’s never enough time.
I never chose sleep over experience.
I do think it’s worth it to try to see as much as possible in a short period of time. The only time I would say quantity over quality.
I am always surprised by just how small this world is.
I truly believe I accomplished more because I always had a list.
I think the only thing I didn’t check off my list was to fall in love with a British boy.
I was too busy falling in love with myself, instead.
I needed this experience more than I could have ever imagined.
I will be back some day.
I hope that day is sooner than I think.
I am sad that my adventure is over, for now.
I think I’m as ready as I’ll ever be to come home.

I will see you soon, America.

I used the phrase *just british things* in one of my earlier posts and got some feedback that it was rather enjoyed.  So just as I have posts of the nature of my happenings regarded as “The 411” I have decided that pictures (most of which will be taken on my GoPro) I want to post of things around the lovely country of Great Britain will be regarded to as “*Just British Things.*” Keep an eye out!

P.S. Any picture can be enlarged just by clicking on it 🙂 Cheers!